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MassiveShell Construction

ComfortCLUB Spa are manufactured using the MassiveShell construction technology (acrylic surface, strengthening with fibreglasslayers, insulating layer). The perfectly formed shells with an acrylic surface, attractive in appearance, have a long-life guarantee. Because commercial spas are mainly installed in the ground, it is a standard for the ComfortCLUB Spa to be delivered with a metal installation frame for easy installation.

100% drainage

Not only is the whole system of hoses fitted in a way that the hoses will drain completely,but also the shape of the shell itself is designed to comply with the requirements of a complete drainage; the water drains off the seats completely thanks to the central channels, despite the depth of the seats.

Inflow – integrated overflow (in Master and Rondo models)

A revolutionary solution of the overflow channels is functional, aesthetic and practical; it enables the preparation of the pre-installation work and the building-in of the shell and makes the operation itself easier.

Cover (in Master and Rondo models)

The integrated overflow enables the use of a cover for protection and thermal insulation. The cover is a well-proven typical feature of home spas. It prevents the dissipation of heat and humidity, thus minimizing energy costs; it also prevents the dirt and debris entering the water.

Full perimeter Outflow overflow channels (in Arena and Polo models)

Water during filtration constantly overflows along the full perimeter to the overflow channels and then to the equalizing tank and to the water management system. The channel is covered with a grid with original USSPA design.


All models have underwater lighting which makes night bathing more pleasant.

… and technology

Massage Pumps and commercial Air Blower

High-performance and reliable Siemens pumps drive the massage system; a commercial air blower, which is designed for a 24-hour operation, produces the air therapy.


An electric flow heater, specially developed for heating water in the spa, heats water to the specified temperature continuously.

Private, Club and Hotel equipment sets

Each commercial operation requires specific equipment based on the estimation of bather load, location and the purpose, for which the spa will be used. The equipment in question is demanding technological equipment related to water maintenance (equalizing tank, sand filter, automatic chemistry dosing, etc.), heater and the control unit are also prepared according to the load. The basic equipment sets that you can find in the price list may be modified further according to the above-mentioned criteria. The ComfortCLUB Spa can also be equipped for private use.